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  • Healthy Eating

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  • Recipe of the Month

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  • Caffeine and Alternatives

    Whether you use it to help you wake up, stay energized or you simply love the taste, caffeine is all around us. Controlling your caffeine intake improves bladder control and can help you control Read more

  • The Importance of Drinking Water

    The benefits of drinking water seem to be endless. Whether you’ve heard them from your doctor, best friend or favorite daytime talk show, the reasons for getting enough H2O are quite convincing. But did you know water can improve your abaility to control your bladder? Read more

  • Benefits of Fiber

    We’ve all heard the wonders fiber can work for your digestive system and how it can help you keep regular. But did you know fiber can actually alleviate symptoms of incontinence? Find out how. Read more

  • Introduction to Eating for a Healthy Bladder

    If you experience incontinence, what you eat and drink can play a big factor in the severity of your symptoms. There is no set diet for incontinence that will allevate an overactive bladder, but what you eat or drink and how much can have an impact on the level of control you have over your bladder. Read more