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Money-Conscious Ways to Buy Incontinence Products

When caring for a loved one, one of your biggest challenges may be learning to juggle your everyday life with your role as a caregiver. It's likely that balancing your budget may be at the top of that list. We've compiled tips and tools to help you find easy and affordable ways to buy bladder control products. These tips will allow you to confidently take on planning for and managing the everyday costs of incontinence supplies, while helping you and your loved one continue to lead a full and fearless life.

Do Medicare or Medicaid Cover Incontinence Supplies?

Your first step toward taking control of your medical supply budget is to find out how and if the government offers help. Original Medicare (Parts A and B) does not cover incontinence supplies, but your loved one may get some supplies covered if she has a Medicare supplemental plan. Some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans offer enhanced benefit options for products and services not covered by Medicare Parts A and B.

*Expert tip: When reviewing a new healthcare plan, remember to check the plan’s summary of benefits or contact customer service to find out whether these benefits are available.

Medicaid does cover incontinence supplies in most, but not all, states. Medicaid is a state-run health benefits program, so benefits will vary by state. If you qualify for Medicaid, contact your state Medicaid office to find out what your state’s guidelines are.

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