TENA® MDS Support

    TENA Presents the ABC’s of Supporting MDS 3.0 Compliance for Incontinence Care

    MDS 3.0 and Incontinence Care

    CMS’ research has shown that one quarter to one third of Residents will have a decrease or resolution of incontinence in response to a toileting program.

    As a completely new assessment process, MDS 3.0 contains numerous differences over the MDS 2.0. Featuring a more in-depth process, the new MDS 3.0 requires a greater time commitment for staff members to complete, with the goal to help Residents maintain their quality of life.

    When working with incontinence care, the MDS 3.0 implementation process presents long term care professionals both challenges and opportunities for success. The areas of assessment and documentation are most affected, with the overall expectation being that the highest level of continence status be achieved for each Resident as part of their Individualized Plan of Care. To reach these goals, education and training of staff will be critical, supported by simple and time-saving tools.

    It's as easy as A...B...C...

    Assess – Bladder & bowel – Care plan
    Easy steps support accurate incontinence assessments

    TENA® provides straightforward tools designed to help staff perform accurate incontinence assessments.

    Better Individualized Care Regulations Compliance

    • Improved accuracy and compliance for incontinence care regulations
    • Tools that your staff will find easy to utilize
    • Staff education tools increase their knowledge and promote confidence for increased job satisfaction

    TENA® Assessment Tools

    • Education tools detail each step in performing an assessment for incontinence in line with individualized care regulations and criteria
    • Provides recommendations for programming and/or product selection
    • Educates staff in correct procedures for consistency and accuracy