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    Our range of support drives customers to your business while providing you with the products and knowledge necessary to meet their needs.

    Helping your business grow

    As the global market leader in continence care, the effectiveness of our products and services is trusted by customers and pharmacies alike. For many years, we have partnered with pharmacists worldwide gaining crucial insight into the continence care market and developing tools that successfully support your business growth.  

    We continually invest in research to innovate and make our wide range of products evolve so that you always have the right product to meet each of your customers’ needs. 

    TENA Services for Pharmacies

    Sharing our Knowledge

    With over 50 years of experience, we have gained a deep understanding of the best practices in continence care and personal hygiene. Our range of products and services are designed based on real-life insight from pharmacists, caregivers and continence specialists.

    At TENA, we understand that your customers need trusted advice and support. With such a wide range of products, it is essential that your staff feels confident every time they make a recommendation.

    We use our expertise to support you in transforming the lives of your customers and your business. 

    Driving customers to your business

    We offer a range of marketing tools to support your business growth. Our widespread TV and print advertising campaigns as well as our specialized consumer websites help raise awareness and demand for the TENA range of products.

    Our product selection guides, promotion offers and new product launches help drive customers to your business. You can provide them with high quality products that really make a difference.

    TENA Services for Pharmacies

    Partner with TENA today

    At TENA, we believe that we can make the biggest differences by working together. That’s why we partner with continence professionals worldwide to ensure that our products and services are designed to meet real needs.

    Evidence means everything to us and all of our products are rigorously tested to ensure they have the highest quality. As the global market leader in continence care, the trusted reputation of our range of products speaks for itself.

    We are a key investor in global research and always strive to improve and innovate our range of products to provide better and more effective continence care.

    By partnering with TENA, you can see how innovative continence care can change the lives of your customers and your business.

    TENA Services for Pharmacies

    76 %

    of women feel TENA products help them be true to themselves.[1]

    73 %

    of men would be likely to buy TENA men products.[2]


    1Survey of 600 women aged 35+ years, NL Q1 2014. 
    2Kantar Health. Consumer user test for the TENA Men upgrade. March 2016. Essity Data on file.