TENA Intimates Overnight Underwear is 20% more absorbent than Depend Night Defense**. Shop now!

For Light Bladder Leakage

TENA intimates® Light/Moderate Free Trial Kit

Whether you're experiencing light bladder leakage or moderate stress or urge incontinence, these pads will keep you protected. Go about your day without worrying about leaks, odor or wetness.

  • TENA Liner Long
  • TENA intimates® Ultra Thin Pad Regular
  • TENA intimates® Moderate Pad Regular
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For Moderate Urine Leaks to Heavy Incontinence

TENA intimates® Heavy Free Trial Kit

Designed for those experiencing heavier leaks or urge incontinence, these pads offer a range of absorbency and security. Our TENA intimates® Maximum and Ultimate pads are ideal for protecting you from heavy bladder leaks and surges. We've combined our trusted TENA Triple Protection with new ProSkin Technology™ to bring you a fast absorbing pad that keeps you feeling intimately fresh and clean. Or try our TENA intimates® Overnight Pad with lie-down protection. Designed to protect you from leaks and heavy incontinence whether standing, sitting or laying down.

  • TENA intimates® Maximum Long Pad
  • TENA intimates® Ultimate Absorbency Pad
  • TENA intimates® Overnight Lie Down Pad
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For Overnight Lie-Down Protection and Worry-Free Nights

TENA intimates® Overnight Underwear Kit

Try our TENA intimates® Overnight Underwear and rest easy knowing you're protected by our lie down protection. For those needing the security of underwear, try our Overnight Underwear. A unique shaped core and specially designed elastics help prevent leaks throughout the night.

  • Overnight Underwear
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  • Waist Size:
  • Small/Medium 32" - 42"
  • Large 39" - 52"
  • XLarge 47" - 66"