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TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream for Fragile Skin


TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream is part of the Caregiver System of products that help manage your loved one's incontinence and skin health. These products work together to keep skin dry, keep skin clean and keep skin protected. The TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream works to create a layer on your loved one's fragile skin that protects it moisture that could lead to skin irritation. Formulated for easy application that doesn't stress fragile skin and easy of visualizing skin health. Contains dimethicone and a blend of natural oils (acacia, sunflower, jojoba and beeswax) that easily absorbs into the skin.
Item# 54442


Additional Information

  • Part of the TENA Caregiver System designed to manage incontinence and help maintain fragile skin.
  • Helps protect fragile skin from moisture that could cause irritation.
  • Formulated for smooth and easy application that doesn't stress fragile skin.
  • Formulated to apply clearly on fragile skin to easily monitor skin health.
  • Fragrance free formula for use on sensitive skin.
  • Apply Barrier Cream liberally and reapply as needed.
  • Works best with TENA Adult Wipes and Super Briefs.
  • Fragrance free for use on sensitive skin.