Some connections don't need words

At TENA, we understand that so much of the connection between caregivers and those in their care is unspoken. The TENA SmartCare Change Indicator™ enhances this connection by using technology to alert you when your loved one experiences an incontinence episode, so they don’t have to. This means increased wellbeing for your loved one and peace of mind for you.

Revolutionary new technology from TENA

The TENA SmartCare Change IndicatorTM is a digital solution that is very easy to use. Simply attach the reusable sensor to the outside of the absorbent product before putting it on your loved one. When urine is detected, you will be notified via the TENA SmartCare Family Care app in your smartphone. This helps you decide when to change the absorbent product without intrusive checking.

SmartCare Kits are located at the following CVS stores

Address City State Zip Code
CVS 339 Squire Road Revere MA 02151
CVS 681 Reservoir Avenue Cranston RI 02910
CVS 4 Broadway Road Dracut MA 01826
CVS 2 Milliston Road Millis MA 02054
CVS 11 Main Street Wakefield RI 02879
CVS 63 Canal Street Millbury MA 01527
CVS 207 Market Street Brighton MA 02135
CVS 1285 S. Country Trail East Greenwich RI 02818
CVS 2340 Gar Highway Swansea MA 02777
CVS 652 South Street Wrentham MA 02093
CVS 4255 Quaker Lane North Kingstown RI 02852

More comfort for your loved one

The TENA SmartCare Change IndicatorTM can help make a big difference, especially when caring for loved ones and their incontinence.

It can benefit your loved one in many ways:

• More comfort and less intrusion
• Improved dignity and wellbeing
• Less risk of leakages and skin exposure to urine

Peace of mind for you

Caring for a loved one often involves a continual need to check that they are dry and comfortable. Worrying about their wellbeing and trying to provide the best possible care can be challenging and stressful. The TENA SmartCare Change IndicatorTM can help ease that feeling and bring you peace of mind by indicating when it’s time to change their absorbent product.

• Helps you decide when to change
• Reduces the need for guessing
• Takes away some of your worry

The TENA SmartCare Family Care app can help in many ways

Once you subscribe to the TENA SMartCare Change Indicator™ and set the system up, you can receive discrete change notifications via the TENA SmartCare Family Care app.

But the app can help in more ways. For example, you can invite family members or other trusted caregivers to create a care team around your loved one. You can also track changes, create notes, create to-do lists and set reminders.

Designed for TENA absorbent products

There’s no need to switch from the TENA products your loved one is comfortable with. The TENA SmartCare Change IndicatorTM is designed for use with TENA Briefs and Underwear.


TENA SmartCare™ - A new range of digital health technology solutions

At TENA we know what it is to care. That's why we've launched TENA SmartCare™ - a new range of digital health technology solutions to help transform care. Combining our world-leading expertise with the latest technology, it places human connection, driven by tech, at its heart. The Change Indicator is one of our first TENA SmartCare innovations - a ground-bereaking solution that shows how the more we connect, the better we care.

What does it cost?

There is a one-time payment for the TENA SmartCare Change IndicatorTM starter kit and a monthly subscription fee. The starter kit contains everything you need for the first six months of use. It can be purchased online at for $215.00.

When you purchase a TENA SmartCare change indicator you’ll be automatically enrolled in a subscription plan that covers ongoing monitoring services and replacement batteries and sensor strips that will be shipped to you every 6 months.Learn more here.

There is a 30-day money back guarantee for all online purchases, and you can easily cancel your subscription at any time.

See Frequently Asked Questions for more details.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click below for answers to some of the most common questions about the TENA SmartCare Change IndicatorTM.

What is the purpose of the Change Indicator?

The Change Indicator is designed to reduce the need for frequent, unnecessary manual checks and help you decide the best time to change your loved one’s absorbent product. This can provide better comfort for your loved one and more peace of mind for you.

How does the Change Indicator work?

The Change Indicator tracks the amount of urine in TENA products. This information is then sent via the gateway and processed by Essity. Finally, a notification on the saturation status of your loved one’s absorbent product is sent to the TENA SmartCare Family Care app on your smartphone.

Does the Change Indicator detect feces?

The Change Indicator does not detect feces. For frequent fecal episodes, manual checking is still required.

Has the Change Indicator been clinically tested?

Yes. To date, one clinical study has been carried out with more scheduled. The Change Indicator is CE-marked and registered by the FDA in the US as well as Health Canada.

Is my data secure and protected?

Essity takes data privacy seriously. All processing of personal data, irrespective of whether we are the controller or the processor, is done in accordance with applicable data protection rules such as the General Data Protection Regulation ("GDPR"), the ePrivacy Directive ("ePrivacy Directive") as well as applicable local legislation. Our Privacy Policy describes how Essity collects and processes the data.

Do I need WiFi at home in order to use the Change Indicator?

No, the system operates without WiFi. It uses the mobile network.

If you have any questions

Or would like to know more about TENA SmartCare Change Indicator, you can call the TENA SmartCare support at 1-866-ASK-TENA (1866-275-8362).