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Tailored Protection with Female Incontinence Products

Don’t let the Unexpected Leak™ hold you back.

You can’t function properly if you’re worried about urine leaks and odors, so make sure you’ve got the right female incontinence products for your needs and you can get rid of those worries right away. Then you’ll see there’s absolutely no need to cut back on pleasurable activities like going to the movies, having picnics with the family or playing golf for an entire day. If you are worried about experiencing urinary leaks or wetness, you may be using the wrong type of incontinence protection or the wrong size for your needs.

Make life easy on yourself – use the right tool for the job.

Urine has a thin, fast-flowing consistency like water, and tends to come out in more of a rush than a flow. To prevent leaks, you need products that are designed with a very fast inlet speed that rapidly draws the urine into the core of the product and can lock it away so that it doesn’t seep back under the pressure of sitting down or during activities such as riding a bike, leaving you feeling damp and uncomfortable. TENA® incontinence pads and underwear products for women are designed to manage the specific properties of urine; they are generally two sizes smaller than the equivalent absorbency level of sanitary pads, making them the more discreet and effective choice every time.

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