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The TENA® Advantage for Caregivers

Being a caregiver is a big responsibility. For those of you looking after someone who experiences the Unexpected Leak™, also known as incontinence, TENA can help. Rely on TENA for the products and support that bring comfort and Peace of Mind to you and your loved one.

Improved Quality of Life for All

Fewer accidents during the day, fewer interruptions at night—the effectiveness of TENA helps make life more enjoyable for you and the person you love.

Comfort & Dignity are Maintained

TENA products are designed to manage all types of incontinence, helping your loved one stay dry and secure.

Skin is Better Protected

TENA super-absorbent technology can lock away 100 times its weight in liquid ensuring moisture is kept away from the skin for ultimate dryness and comfort.

Faster Absorption Means Nothing Escapes

Even a little leak can be a big problem, soaking clothes in an instant, potentially creating an embarrassing moment. That's why TENA products are specially designed with high-speed surface inlets for fast absorption to give you and your loved one Peace of Mind.

Advanced Odor Protection™ for Freshness

No need to worry about embarrassing odor. TENA's Advanced Odor Protection is pH-balanced and designed to reduce growth of bacteria, eliminating odors and keeping your loved one fresh and comfortable.

Use Less, Save Money

We are continually evolving TENA Technology™ to bring you the absolute best quality products. By using fewer you're saving money.