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The TENA® Advantage for Women

You have a life to live. That's why the TENA proven personal care system has been designed with your lifestyle in mind. Our full line of products feature trusted Triple Protection against leaks, odor and moisture, helping you stay dry, secure and confident every day. That's what we call Fearless Protection™ for the Unexpected Leak™.

What is the TENA Advantage?

The Range to Fit Your Body and Lifestyle

Different people have different needs so we’ve developed a range of products in various shapes, sizes and absorbency levels that move right along with you, all day long. So you’ll enjoy comfort and protection in any situation.

Faster Absorption Means Nothing Escapes

Even a little leak can be a big problem, soaking your clothes in an instant, potentially creating an embarrassing moment. Solution: TENA female incontinence products are specially designed for fast absorption to give you Peace of Mind.

Advanced Odor Protection for Freshness

No need to worry about embarrassing odor. TENA's Advanced Odor Protection is pH-balanced to fight odors and leave you feeling fresh and comfortable.

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