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California Proposition 65 Statement

Essity has reviewed the California Safe Drinking Water & Toxic Enforcement Act of 1986 and has deemed that we are complaint with this standard.

Through our rigorous supplier quality process, we ask all suppliers to ensure they are complaint and provide feedback on what potential chemicals listed in the California Proposition 65 standard could be present in any raw materials used in the manufacturing of our products.

Based on this assessment we have reviewed a list of 40 chemicals which are listed in Proposition 65 that could be included in our products.

Of the 40 chemicals identified we have conducted exposure calculations based on recognized industry standard models. These calculations indicate that human daily exposures to the substances listed in the table are much less than the “ No Significant Risk Level” (NSRL) or the “Maximum Allowable Dose Level” (MADL) as designated by this legislation. When mandated NSRL and MADL exposure limits are not exceeded, product label warnings are not required.

Based on this rigorous assessment we thereby ascertain that we are complaint with the standard. Located below is the list of chemicals in question and the standard levels for reference.