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TENA InstaDRY Pads

Revolutionary TENA InstaDRY technology quickly absorbs moisture and locks it away, providing you with Fearless Protection™ for the Unexpected Leak™ that you can count on. The unpredictability of sudden leaks can stop you from feeling spontaneous and carefree. Now you can stop wearing larger pads for those ‘just in case’ moments and live the life you want.

The Fearless Protection of TENA Technology™ Keeps You Dry

TENA InstaDRY Pads use a combination of advanced materials designed to provide you with fast and secure protection.

Fast-Absorbing Funnels

The TENA InstaDRY zone is designed with dozens of tiny funnels to quickly whisk liquid deep into the pad. Your skin stays drier so you feel fresh.

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Because TENA InstaDRY pads use high-quality super absorbent technology, they’re capable of holding many times their weight in liquid, while remaining thin and discreet.

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Live the Life you Want

Shaped for comfort, TENA InstaDRY Pads provide super leakage protection and are designed to keep you dry and feeling fresh.

Contoured Shape

Soft elastics provide a cup shaped design for added leakage security and protection.

Dotted Absorption Area

This area provides even more protection with super absorbent technology.

Designed with you in Mind

TENA InstaDRY Pads are designed with a front and back, just like you, so the pad conforms to your body to comfortably stay in place.


Designed for
Maximum Protection

TENA InstaDRY Pads are designed with our TENA InstaDRY zone on the front of the pad. The funnels in the InstaDRY zone quickly absorb liquid away from the skin. The dotted absorption area around the InstaDRY zone contain super absorbent technology which provide added leak protection. You can Identify the front of the pad by it's shape, and the purple notch. Positioning the pad correctly ensures maximum absorption to keep you dry and comfortable

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