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Leaking Urine During Pregnancy: The Unexpected Leak™

Having or had a baby?

During pregnancy, childbirth and the months that follow, your body goes through huge changes, physically and hormonally. Among the questions you're probably asking your doctor is, "Why am I leaking urine during pregnancy?" Not surprisingly, your bladder is put under a lot of stress. Incontinence during and after this time is very normal, so we'll explain what your body goes through and show you how to manage the changes.

Understand how your body changes

At TENA, we find it surprising how few facts women are told about the effect of pregnancy on the bladder. After all, your bladder is just below your uterus, which is expanding to hold your growing baby.

Have you started your pelvic floor exercises?

One of the best ways to prevent incontinence is to keep your pelvic floor muscles toned and strong during and after pregnancy. See our Exercises to Help with The Unexpected Leak™ - and start today!

Is there a product that could help you?

Incontinence, or what we call the Unexpected Leak™, shouldn't keep you from enjoying your pregnancy or your new baby. With the right products you can go anywhere and do anything without worrying about leaking urine during pregnancy. Our range of TENA® pads and TENA® Underwear for Women are designed to keep you fresh and dry so you can concentrate on your baby rather than worrying about the Unexpected Leak™.

Remember, you're not alone!

Lots of other women tell us they're leaking urine during pregnancy, and afterward as well. We invite you to share your story and inspire others.

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I used TENA pads after the birth of my first child during recovery. It had super protection and not a single leak!

- TENA® Customer in Colombus, OH

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