TENA® Wash Cream Tube


TENA® Wash Cream Tube


Item# 64331, 64340, 64350
Our very popular no-rinse cleanser creates a simple, effective routine for caregivers. This gentle alternative to soap and water cleanses, restores and moisturizes even the most delicate skin. Designed for incontinence care and helps prevent skin breakdown before it can occur. TENA® Skin-Caring® Wash Cream is a mild emulsion designed to clean and moisturize the skin. Documented in epicutaneous tests under dermatological control, the cream has a 20-year history of safe and frequent use around the world.
  • Specially formulated for perineal skin care.
  • 3-in-1 product saves time and the need for extra products: cleans, moisturizes and protects in one easy step.
  • Product has been quality and safety documented. Mild formula safe for fragile skin.

Additional Information

  • 3-IN-1 WASH CREAM cleanses and moisturizes in one easy step without disrupting the skin’s natural protective mantle.
  • CONVENIENT TO USE no need to rinse with water or towel dry.
  • pH BALANCED for optimal skin health.
  • FRESH SCENT helps control odor. Also available in SCENT FREE
  • SKIN-GENTLE CREAM is safe for delicate and fragile skin.
Description # in pack
8.5 fl. oz. | Order#:64331 16 Pcs/Case
16.9 fl. oz. | Order#:64340 10 Pcs/Case
8.5 fl. oz. Scent-Free | Order#:64350 16 Pcs/Case
Item # 64331 64340 64350
UPC# 768702643313 768702643405 768702643504
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