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What is Good Incontinence Care?

Good Incontinence Care is dependent on the following:

Awareness of Sensory Cue Changes

Among the sensory cues you may receive are when:

  • The individual becomes despondent
  • There are unpleasant odors in the room
  • A loss of interest in physical activity
  • A loss of interest in social interaction

Achieving the Best Possible Care

The most important part of good incontinence care is to ensure both the physical and emotional comfort of your loved one, and the key to this is using the products that provide maximum care and prevent the negative side effects that incontinence can cause. Things like leaks, waking to a damp mattress or skin irritation have physical, emotional and time-consuming consequences.

So what are the factors that help avoid these consequences?

  • Incontinence products with rapid absorption to draw urine away from the skin means no uncomfortable dampness or seep-back.
  • Incontinence products designed around your loved one’s individual physical and mental state increase comfort and reduce product usage.
  • Less dampness means less risk of skin irritation – particularly if your loved one has to sit or lie down for long periods due to disability or injury.
  • Fewer leaks means:
    • Less risk of dealing with a damp mattress.
    • Fewer nighttime disturbances.
    • Less laundry.
    • Less embarrassment and social withdrawal.
  • Less skin irritation reduces the need for additional skin medication.

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A Proper Medical Assessment

If incontinence is detected, a consultation with a medical professional that is familiar with the signs of incontinence is appropriate. A physical and/or emotional evaluation will provide insight into the causes of the incontinence.

Maintaining Open Dialogue Channels

Maintaining a constant dialogue with your loved one is a key component to good incontinence care.

It is not easy to discuss incontinence, yet such dialogue is essential in discovering the root causes and correction of the incontinence. An honest dialogue will help both the caregiver and the individual with incontinence and may lead to both identifying the cause and the cure. Professional intervention may also help in opening the dialogue.

* The site does not offer medical advice and nothing contained in the site is intended to constitute professional advice for medical diagnosis or treatment.

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