Real Talk Episode 5: Your Intimate Skin Post-Partum and During Menopause

As your body changes, what lifestyle changes are you making with it? The most important thing you can do is exercise. Getting your blood flowing helps your heart, your brain, and even your sex life! In the conclusion to Real Talk, Dr. Suzanne explores the importance of lifestyle changes as you go through menopause.

Transcript of Real Talk Episode 5
As we look at various parts of our lives, for instance, postpartum after you've had a baby, your hormone levels have changed. The tissue has been through quite a bit. If you are breastfeeding, you have low estrogen, you have less blood flow, you have a change in the PH, you have a change in the microbiome, you have a change in the bacteria that are normally living there.

And this is where you're going to be susceptible to injury, to infection, and to the delicate balance that it's being exposed to.

You have to really be aware the same kind of thing happens in perimenopause and menopause. We have less hormones or different hormones, we have less blood flow, we have more dryness, we have more exposure to different kinds of bacteria.

And so, again, if you can imagine that we have a change in the tissue and now we're adding urine leakage. And if we're not really taking care of ourselves properly, it's potentially going to injure and damage that delicate tissue.

Plus we're having different kinds of bacteria introduced and the tissue itself isn't going to be able to clear and protect herself quite as well.

So we really want to make sure when we're talking about leakage of urine that that urine is getting pulled away from the tissue, so the tissue can just breathe and live and be happy and not exposed to these things that may cause more problems.

This is where using the right product is so important and TENA’s variety of products can work at different times of the day, the night, your activity level, your life. And also understanding that surgery is available to some people… It's probably not going to be your first choice, but for some it really is the best choice. So know that there's never one way to do this. And know that the TENA products are there to bridge and support you during the process.