Real Talk Episode 4: What should my lifestyle look like during menopause?

What do you really know about menopause? You might know about hot flashes or about changing periods, but there are a lot of hormonal changes that affect your bladder just as much as your vaginal tissue. In episode four of Real Talk, join Dr. Suzanne for a deep dive into what people don’t know about menopause.

Transcript of Real Talk Episode 4
The number one, two, and three things I want you guys to do is exercise. And I don't care if you never got off the couch and now you took a walk. Fantastic. You're doing something.

When you get the blood flowing, you're getting it flowing to all of the tissues. Yeah, it's great for your heart. It's good for your bones. Getting some weight bearing. It's really, really important for your brain.

It's also great for your sex life, it turns out. That's a real thing, and it's really not that hard to do. You don't have to be fancy about it. Just get up and move every day.

So I think people don't always associate that necessarily with menopause or thinking about the drama of the hot flash in an uncomfortable situation. And it's a cute movie trope, but it's a lot more than that.