Real Talk Episode 3: What people don't know about menopause

As you enter different stages of your life, your body will inevitably undergo many changes. From pregnancy to postpartum to menopause, your intimate skin needs to be nurtured. In episode three of Real Talk, Dr. Suzanne Gilberg-Lenz discusses how to properly care for your intimate skin postpartum and during menopause.

Transcript of Real Talk Episode 3
I think most people know that they're going to maybe have hot flashes and maybe their sleep will get disturbed and maybe their moods will be a little bit different.

They know their periods are going to change and then go away. I think people get scared about their sex life disappearing. I think people don't know that the vaginal tissue and the urinary tract are lined by pretty much the same tissue and that the changes in hormones are going to affect your bladder and your urethra as much as your vaginal tissue.

And a lot of my patients start coming in in their 40s with constant what they think are bladder infections. And certainly after menopause I get a lot of people with actual bladder infections but frequently they have symptoms that they think are bladder infections when in fact they are not bladder infections.

They're just irritation and dryness because that tissue has changed and is not being attended to. So it's so important to anticipate this, know this, so that you are asking the right questions of your healthcare providers.