TENA® Identifi, a new continence care technology by Essity, is in the final stages of clearance for United States

    The sensor technology device empowers caregivers with evidence-based continence planning for better clinical outcomes

    PHILADELPHIA, May 19, 2014

    Essity, a leading global hygiene and forest products company and the maker of TENA® incontinence and skin care products, today announced that TENA® Identifi, a new continence care technology, is currently in the final stages of regulatory clearance for an introduction to the United States market. The device, which leverages sensor technology to capture individual voiding patterns, provides caregivers with access to a new level of knowledge and represents a shift toward more individualized continence planning and resident care in acute and long-term-care facilities. TENA Identifi was introduced to the Canadian market in 2013.

    TENA Identifi integrates an innovative data logging and transmitting device with disposable TENA Identifi Sensor Wear to electronically track resident voiding patterns in real-time. Over a 72-hour assessment period, TENA Identifi tracks the voiding patterns and volume at each product change, then graphically converts the data into actionable, evidence-based reports that provide a good base for appropriate product selection. This, in turn, empowers staff and caregivers to make more informed decisions on individual continence care without having to rely on manual recording processes.

    "Efective continence management can significantly improve patients' health and their quality of life by reducing the risks associated with incontinence, such as urinary tract infections, slips and falls, and skin conditions, and empowering them with confidence, independence and dignity," said Michael Widera, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Essity Personal Care North America. "As a global leader in continence care, Essity is excited to bring TENA Identifi's revolutionary sensor technology to U.S. care facilities, enabling more informed decisions on continence product selection and toileting programs so care staff can spend more time caring for residents and drive better clinical outcomes."

    Continence management can place significant demands on staff time, from manually recording voiding patterns and product selection to toileting, laundry and resident care in case of leakages. Furthermore, it can account for a significant proportion of a facility's budget when the total costs of skin care, laundry and waste are taken into account.

    TENA Identifi allows caregivers to make individualized, unbiased and evidence-based decisions in selecting the right incontinence products, absorbency and toileting times that are critical to providing effective resident care. The right absorbent product means increased dignity and comfort for the resident – helping to prevent leakage and skin irritation.

    TENA Identifi is comfortable for residents and is easily integrated into their routines without any disruption. During the assessment, highly absorbent TENA Identifi Sensor Wear replaces traditional incontinence protection. These disposable products track urine voids through safely integrated and thin, thread-like sensors. A silent, reusable TENA Identifi Logger attached to TENA Identifi Sensor Wear records the passage of urine.

    TENA Identifi operates over the internet, and data is automatically transmitted via 3G signal to a private, secure server, which staff can access to generate reports via the TENA Identifi web portal. The voiding assessment reports graph the data to look for patterns and timings to identify the individual's unique needs. Utilizing standard 3G connectivity and a web portal interface which is accessible from any computer makes it simple to get started and is easy for care staff to use.

    Essity plans to trial TENA Identifi in the U.S. prior to widespread launch, following regulatory clearance. The company successfully launched TENA Identifi in Canada in November 2013, providing caregivers at acute and long-term-care facilities across Canada with access to the evidence-based continence management technology.

    About Essity

    Essity is a leading global hygiene and health company. The Group develops and produces sustainable personal care, tissue, and forest products, including the leading global brands TENA and Tork, and strong regional brands, such as Lotus, Libresse, Tempo and Libero. With over 40 years of experience, TENA has grown to become the world´s top continence care brand. Providing products and solutions for consumers and professionals in more than 100 countries, TENA is at the forefront of developing innovations that meet the needs of individuals, their families, caregivers, clinicians and healthcare service providers around the world. The Group has about 44,000 employees and sales in 2013 amounted to $14.2 billion. For more information, visit www.essity.com and www.tena.us.

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