Essity Relaunches TENA® Stretch Briefs Line to Better Meet Evolving Continence Care Needs and Enable Electronic Product Management for Facilities

    New premium product features, innovative design and technology, and easy-to-identify sizing enables facility caregivers to better meet residents' individual incontinence needs and efficiently track product usage and inventory.

    Philadelphia, PA - Essity, a leading global hygiene and forest products company and the maker of TENA incontinence and skin care products, announced the launch of its refreshed range of TENA Stretch Briefs. The upgrades to the product portfolio, which include new product features, package design enhancements and use of innovative barcode technology, will help facility caregivers more confidently make product selections based on individual needs, enabling greater comfort, functionality and dignity for the wearer, and drive more efficient product tracking and inventory management. The refreshed TENA Stretch Brief range includes updates to the market-leading TENA Stretch Super and Stretch Ultra Briefs, as well as the newly introduced TENA Stretch Plus Brief.

    At varying levels of absorbency and protection, these briefs feature an individualized, "stay in place" fit that reduces sagging and ensures comfort and security for the wearer. The briefs have a number of features that benefit the wearers and the caregivers. The InstaDri Skin-Caring System™ wicks moisture away from the skin to protect against leakage, while odor control technology locks away liquids quickly to reduce odor. A multi-functional design allows the briefs to be changed using either a hook-fastening system or by being pulled up and down like protective underwear. The line's new look and feel offers the same premium protection, while new color-coded sizing makes selection of the correct products easy for caregivers. Recognizing that the healthcare industry is placing an increasingly heightened value on technology and electronic record-keeping, Essity introduced unique barcode technology to this next generation of TENA Stretch Ultra and Super briefs. The first adult incontinence brief to have a scanable barcode, TENA Stretch briefs enable facility staff to accurately track individual product usage, manage stock levels and track incontinence spend and budgets.

    This results in more accurate nursing care plans that reflect individual needs, while improving the efficiency of online ordering and inventory management."Essity's TENA brand has been at the forefront of continence care for over 40 years and continues to be, maintaining a focus on the customer and keeping up with technology innovations in healthcare," said Eric Cohen, Sr. Absorbent Product Manager, Essity Hygiene and Health North America. "Refreshing our TENA Stretch range allows Essity to offer facilities a wider choice and more individualized options for different continence care situations that further improve the confidence, comfort and dignity of the wearer, while simplifying product selection and management."

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