Essity donates 10,000 TENA® Bathing Gloves to support families in the Santa Rosa region

    Philadelphia, PA

    PHILADELPHIA – November 06, 2017

    As relief and recovery efforts continue in California following the recent wild fires there, Essity, a global hygiene and health company with North American headquarters in Philadelphia, recently donated 50,175 TENA® Bathing Gloves (cleaning wipes) to support families in the Santa Rosa region. Working in conjunction with the Red Cross of Southeastern Pennsylvania, Essity delivered the wipes from its production facilities in Bowling Green, KY, to Sacramento, where Red Cross volunteers included them in their ‘comfort kits’ distributed to families who are beginning the long process of returning to their homes and cleaning up following the fires. To read the full article, click here.

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    Image of TENA Bathing Glove - TENA Professional

    Image of Red Cross Volunteers - TENA Professional

    Red Cross Volunteers in Sacramento display one of the 10,000 packages of Essity’s TENA® Bathing Gloves recently donated to help with relief and recovery efforts for families affected by the California wildfires.

    Image of Essity Team packaging and shipping TENA Bathing Gloves - TENA Professional

    Essity employee Brandon Page prepares the Bathing Glove shipment and then the Essity team packs Bathing Gloves for shipping to California. From Left to Right: Elise Sayre, Denaye Jones, Dixie Burris, Kaleda Abd, Ashton Hardin, and Carol Crockett.