Going out with urinary leakage

Many men who experience urinary leakage worry about joining in on social activities. The fear of urinary leakage can be an obstacle, but with a proper game plan you can keep protected from leakage and stay confident.

Men at a soccer field after a game

Here is some practical advice to help you get out in the world and live the life you want, rather than letting the worry of bladder problems hold you back.

Out and about kit

Think about what could help you stay protected and confident during the day, and then create your own small kit with these items. Your kit could contain guards or protective underwear, adult wipes or perhaps a change of underwear depending on your plans for the day. Just knowing that you have a kit with things that can help you during your daily life can relieve stress and keep you confident.

Incontinence products for men

Knowing which kind of products that work best for you is key in feeling protected and confident. For example, if you have small leaks with just a few drops or dribbles then protective shields may be useful on a day-to-day basis. Likewise, if you find yourself leaking more than a few dribbles, you may want to invest in protection with more absorbency. TENA Men offers a wide range of products for protection against urinary leakage, so take a look at our product pages and find your fit.


Urinary leakage can cause skin irritation and odor problems for men. Therefore it's important to keep the affected areas clean with water or an adult wipe. Odor problems can be diminished with the help of male incontinence products and by drinking more water. Drinking more water makes the urine weaker and less likely to produce an odor.

Plan ahead

If you're nervous about urinary leakage while you're away from home, take some guards with you. They are small and often individually wrapped and will fit in pockets discreetly. If you're going to a new venue make note of the nearest bathroom early on so you don't have to worry when it's time to go.