TENA products for men

Guards for Men

Keep Control with incontinence guards made for men

TENA Men™ Protective Shield

Men's shield designed for light urine leakage

TENA® MEN™ Moderate Guards

Men's guard designed for moderate urine leakage

TENA MEN Light Protective Guards - Level 1

Light absorbency control for security against drips and smaller leaks

Incontinence underwear for men

Keep Control with masculine incontinence underwear made for men

TENA® MEN™ Protective Incontinence Underwear Super Plus Absorbency

Men's Super Plus absorbency Incontinence underwear designed to look and feel just like regular underwear

TENA ProSkin™ Incontinence Underwear for Men with Maximum Absorbency

Designed to look and feel just like regular underwear

Incontinence briefs

Secure all-in-one incontinence briefs with adjustable tabs for great fit and super absorbency

TENA ProSkin Adult Diaper Super Briefs | All in one incontinence protection

Incontinence adult diapers with super absorbency