TENA Men™ Super Guard

The TENA Men Incontinence Super Guard offers comfort, dryness and security designed specifically for men with heavy bladder leakage day and night. Our cloth-like outer cover provides comfort, while our thin and discreet cup-shaped design offers a snug fit. Adhesive strips secure the guard within close-fitting underwear and each male incontinence guard comes individually wrapped for on-the-go protection.

  • For day and night usage
  • Anatomically designed for men

  • Ultra-absorbent core

Product benefits

For day and night usage

Bladder leakage protection designed for day and night use.

Anatomically designed for men

Snug, secure fit with soft, cloth-like outer cover for comfort.

Ultra-absorbent core

For dryness and effective bladder leakage protection.

Advanced odor protection

To fight odors.

Thin and discreet

Thin and discreet cup-shaped design.

Adhesive strips.

For added security.

Individually wrapped

For on-the-go protection and discretion.

Product facts


Available in packages:

  • Consumer pack: 16 pcs
  • Consumer pack: 96 pcs

Introducing TENA Men Absorbent Protector