It’s time to take care of elderly skin

A simple care routine to help maintain skin health in the perineal area.

At TENA, we know that using the right products is key to maintaining natural skin health, especially when it comes to skincare for the an elderly person dealing with incontinence.
Why is skin care in the perineal or intimate area so important in incontinence care? While caring for your loved one you have probably noticed that older skin is fragile and slower to heal. An elderly person with incontinence tends to wear absorbent products throughout the day, which risks exposing their skin to humidity that makes it even more vulnerable.
We have developed the ProSkin range with elderly skin in mind. We suggest a skin health routine using incontinence and skincare products. This routine includes three simple steps to help you provide better perineal care and support you in managing elderly skin rashes. 

The TENA 3-step skin health solution for elderly affected by incontinence

TENA offers products and a three-step skin health routine especially for elderly persons experiencing incontinence. It’s designed to help you provide optimal daily care for your loved one.
Every time you use TENA ProSkin products, you’re not just managing incontinence; you’re actively keeping your loved one’s skin healthy.

Manage skincare for mature skin

So how do you do it? Simply follow our new skin health routine—keep it dry, clean, and protected.
Step 1 – Keep it dry

Step 1 – Keep it dry
Managing skin wetness is a key factor to prevent skin irritations – choose TENA ProSkin Briefs

Step 2 – Keep it clean

Step 2 – Keep it clean
Gently clean the skin with pre-moistened, adult-sized TENA ProSkin Adult Wipes wipes with every change of absorbent products.

Step 3 – Keep it protected
Step 3 – Keep it protected 
TENA ProSkin Barrier Cream for regular use and prevention. 

Explore the full ProSkin line

Choose products that are adapted to your loved one’s needs. Our line includes a wide assortment of both incontinence products (absorbent products) as well as skin care products, for different purposes and different people.
  • TENA ProSkin Incontinence Products for Men
  • TENA ProSkin Incontinence Products for Women
  • TENA ProSkin Adult Wipes for Incontinence
  • TENA ProSkin Creams for Perineal Skin Care

Why choose TENA ProSkin?

With more than fifty years of experience in incontinence, we understand that providing the very best care isn’t just about managing your loved one’s incontinence, it’s also about keeping their skin healthy, keeping them comfortable, preventing pain, and preserving their dignity.
Every time you use TENA ProSkin products, you’re not just managing incontinence; you’re actively keeping your loved one’s skin healthy. That means less time spent dealing with skin issues and more quality time to share together.

What to keep in mind

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