Incontinence briefs

Secure all-in-one incontinence briefs with adjustable tabs for great fit and super absorbency

TENA® Briefs are a range of incontinence briefs that are often referred to as adult diapers.  It is a popular all-in-one incontinence product, designed with strong adjustable sides for best fit, providing optimal dryness and leakage protection.

The easy-to-use sides can be refastened again and again.  Sitting or lying down, the all-in-one incontinence briefs are quick and easy to change.  TENA® Briefs are designed to be used by both men and women with medium to heavy incontinence.  They are ideal for those who are sitting or lying down a large part of the day while also promoting skin health.

Incontinence briefs with tabs | Slip

TENA® Small Incontinence Briefs

Designed for heavy urine leakage

TENA Complete +Care™ Incontinence Briefs

Designed for moderate to heavy urine leakage

TENA ProSkin Adult Diaper Super Briefs | All in one incontinence protection

Incontinence adult diapers with super absorbency

TENA ProSkin™ Stretch Super Briefs | Fully Breathable

Designed for heavy to very heavy urine leakage