Why your loved one deserves TENA

When caring for someone with incontinence, you have plenty to do and think about. So it’s important to have a protection you can trust. Then you won’t waste time wondering: Is it absorbent enough? Will it prevent unpleasant smells? Is it comfortable? Or, is it good for skin?
We’re constantly listening to healthcare professionals and caregivers like you. We’ve learned about their needs and those of the elderly people they care for. And that’s helped us develop superior incontinence protection and skin care: solutions you can rely on to give your loved one the best possible care.

Great absorption

Urine is thin and fast flowing and can leak onto clothes and sheets in an instant without the right kind of protection. TENA products are shaped for a close, comfortable and secure fit and are engineered with high-speed surface inlets for rapid absorption to avoid the risk of leakage. Faster absorption means fewer leaks and laundry changes.

Exceptional freshness

With TENA products, your loved one can enjoy the company of others, without worrying about unpleasant smells. Our incontinence protection is designed to neutralize the bacteria and ammonia that cause unwanted odors. So he or she can feel relaxed and confident when socializing with family and friends.

Fewer skin problems

TENA protects against risks from urine, which can be harsh on your loved one’s elderly skin. Those leaks can irritate it, especially when he or she is seated or lying down for long periods. That’s why our products are designed to lock away any urine, so that the absorbent surface remains soft and dry against their skin.

Easier changing

With all the lifting involved, it can be a real strain changing an incontinent person. Especially if they have to be lying down when you change them. TENA Super Briefs make the process of changing easier and more comfortable for you and your loved one.

The best hygiene for skin comfort

Washing and hygiene are an important part of incontinence care. Which is why TENA has developed a line of washes, wipes and moisturizers. They’re specially made for fragile, elderly skin – particularly the more sensitive areas. They make it easier for you to wash your loved one in bed. And they leave his or her skin feeling clean, soothed and fresh.