Ever feel like you’re not getting the protection you need?

Period pads are great. For periods. But what they’re not so great for are urinary leaks. So instead of using something that kind-of-does-the-job, why not use something that was built for job?

TENA incontinence pads are specifically designed to handle urine, while period pads aren’t. Sure, period pads might look like they’re suitable for incontinence, but for anything more than a teaspoon, they’re not going to do what you need them to.

Uniquely designed for the job

TENA pads get the job done, thanks to four fantastic features that make life with incontinence so much easier. Don’t just take our word for it, try it for yourself with a free sample on us.  
A white woman holding up a TENA pad. 3x protection icon next to it.

Odor control

TENA pads also take care of the bad odor that comes with urine. The beads in the pads prevent the development of ammonia, so that bacteria doesn’t grow and the pads stay feeling fresh.

SensitiveCare Overnight Pads

Superior dryness

TENA pads are full of super-absorbent polymers, which are like tiny beads that expand and turn into gel when fluid touches them. They keep urine locked away so it doesn’t resurface, meaning the pad stays dry, and so do you.

A white woman’s hand with red nail polish and a ring is pouring a small amount of water on to a TENA pad laying flat on a surface.

Fast absorption

TENA pads absorb urine much faster, keeping you clean and fresh. This is because the top sheet and distribution layers are specifically designed for the rapid flow of urine, whereas period pads feature an open design for thick flows, like blood.

A picture of a black woman holding a TENA pad behind her back, illustrating how thin it is.

Thin and discreet

TENA pads are designed for thinness and discretion, so they are way thinner than you’d expect, especially when you see how much they absorb. Get the protection you need without worrying about discretion.

Make it yours today

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