Becoming a mother at 40 years old

Kelley Chaffee, Territory Manager, TENA

“Becoming a mother at 40 years old in 2020 has been pivotal in changing the way I view and appreciate my body. I’ve always been a runner and extremely fit, but in becoming a mother right after hitting my 40th birthday, I’m WAY less concerned about ‘bouncing back’ to my pre-baby body. I’m so proud that my body of ‘advanced maternal age’ was able to grow and deliver a healthy baby girl that I don’t care if I ever fit back into my ‘skinny’ pants. Also, in seeing all the sickness and division that has hit our country in 2020, I’m just so grateful to have a healthy body that allows me to work and take care of a little one regardless of what it looks like. I can truly say I love my 40-year-old post-baby body!”

A woman and child smile