Welcoming a New Baby After Having Triplets

Desiree Fortin, Blogger, The Perfect Mom #TENApartner

“My postpartum body journey with the triplets was one that evolved over time and really challenged me to LOVE my new body. I knew welcoming a new baby into our family five years after the triplets’ birth would be a new journey of loving myself, one that would require intention. And this moment in the photograph, just hours after I gave birth to Cambria, was one that allowed me to honor, celebrate, and love my body for growing life.
To #MyEvolvingBody, I see you. I see your strength. I see your bravery. I see your beauty. To grow and birth a tiny human is nothing short of remarkable, a miracle. Look at what you have done to allow me to carry all my babies and make me a Mom. Thank you body for growing a 9 lb 5oz miracle babe and having the opportunity to experience a VBAC. I’ve watched you grow and stretch and carry life. I’ve also watched you birth and welcome life. And all I can say is well done. As you continue to evolve, change, and grow continue to seek the beauty because you are glowing.”
A woman holds a baby