Margaret, 60, on living with incontinence

“I found it hard to live in the moment”

Margaret’s story

“I’m a 60-year-old woman who loves camping and grilling with friends. I never thought that bladder leakage would get in the way of my love for the outdoors. Even the more simple pleasures like enjoying my favorite book on the front porch became a chore. I used to always look forward to spending my weekends outdoors, feeding my sense of adventure, but unfortunately that changed. I found it hard to live in the moment when I constantly had to be on the lookout for the nearest rest room. I discovered that my leaks were a result of the radiation treatment I underwent during my battle with cancer. I’m proud to say that I won that battle, but I was soon faced with a new challenge – bladder weakness.
As a coordinator for a program designed to assist homeless veterans, I spend a lot of my time on the road, commuting throughout Kentucky. Being in a car for hours a day without access to rest rooms, I didn’t know how to handle my bladder urges and leaks and in turn, my confidence took a turn for the worse. With a passion to help those in need, I was devastated as I seriously considered quitting my job as a result of the inconveniences bladder weakness caused.
Desperate for a solution, I talked to a close friend of mine who had also experienced bladder weakness due to radiation treatment as well. Her oncologist told her about incontinence pads, specifically designed for all types of leaks. She suggested I try TENA.
I put off trying pads for some time, as I was not sure if they were the right choice for me. But struggling to regain control of my life, I took my friend’s advice and tried a free sample of TENA pads. I didn’t realize it then, but I had found a new travel buddy! Impressed with how breathable and discreet the product was, I was able to hit the road without the worry of leaks slowing me down. And most importantly, I arrived at my destination looking and feeling fresh. Thanks to TENA, I can continue to do the job that I love with confidence.
With cancer behind me, and my freedom regained, I’m glad I took advantage of the helpful tools out there, like TENA, that allow me to be the outgoing and driven woman I am.”