Embrace Your Body

Have you ever noticed the way other women talk about their postpartum recovery in whispers?

At TENA, we believe that when women refrain from talking about their bodies and their health – especially what happens to their bodies during pivotal life stages like postpartum or menopause – no one wins. That's why we've kicked off a new interview series to have honest conversations with women about the changes that happen to our bodies as we age.

When it comes to talking about the baby, we happily and openly talk about every little detail, but when it comes to our bodies, we sheepishly admit to struggling with breastfeeding, experiencing postpartum incontinence (a loss of bladder control), or difficulty moving for days / weeks on end.

This reticence also extends far past the postpartum phase and we somehow never discuss how becoming a mom impacts our body image, even with our closest friends and family. And even after that life stage, we struggle to find the words to describe how we feel about our menopausal bodies and all the changes that go along with that.

So, we talked with a handful of women and asked them to share their stories to help kick off a new series we’re launching on our social media channels called #MyEvolvingBody. We’ve compiled their stories below – in a special video and in their own words – and hope they resonate with you.

We hope that with each story shared, we normalize what was always normal and make things a little bit easier for those women who come after us.

We’d love to hear your story too. Tell us about a pivotal experience that shaped your perception of your body on Facebook or Instagram by using the hashtag #MyEvolvingBody and by tagging @TENAusa.

My Evolving Body